About us

Dockland Maritime Services Limited is one of the leading Maritime company in Nigeria that involved in dredging activities for Oil and Gas industry including shore maintenance, drainage cleaning, water depth maintenance for vessel navigation, land reclamation, sand and gravel dredging for construction industry.

We have 16" and 20" dredge to stock pile or reclaim land in any part of the country, our pumping line is up to 1.5km.


Our newly acquired Ellicot Mud Cat 12” dredge with cutter suction which is sizable and portable to dredge river, Lagoon and Lake of any size and easy to transport to any part of the country either by sea or road.


We are registered with Nigeria Inland Water ways, Nigerian Ports Authority and Nigeria Maritime Association.


Our management teams include qualified dredge masters, dredge engineers and deck workers who are experienced to handle any dredging contract.
DMS facilities include caterpillar equipment like Bull dozers, Excavation and Loader for stock pilling and excavating sand and gravel, work barge and a boat. We combine all experience in the field of small scale dredging, hydraulic and mechanical in Nigeria and far beyond. DMS Ltd has contributed to the environment by dredging contaminated water bottoms, marina’s and fishing ports, rivers and canals, waterways in urban and rural areas, ponds, lakes, etc.

Dockland Maritime Services Limited has an adequate and flexible approach and can easily adapt to the demands and wishes of our clients and completes any project in an ecological and environmental friendly manner. In the field of small scale dredging DMS Ltd has at her disposal the most versatile and biggest range of dredges and ancillary equipment. There is an enormous stock of delivery pipes in various diameters and material. This allows DMS Ltd to execute all small scale dredge projects with her own equipment and under her own management. Circular Investment Limited [CIL] is sister company that involves in surface sand minning, supply filling sand plaster and top soil to VI, lkoyi, Lekki and Ajah axis in Lagos State.